We Let Go to Make Room…Happy Fall!

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Happy Fall Y’all. It’s such a beautiful time of year.  We anticipate it.  We can “smell Fall in the air.”  Yet, somehow, there is a bit of sadness, an itching of stress.  The holidays are on the horizon.  Emotions are stirred up. The Yang energy of summer gives way to the Yin energy of ...

Where The Magic Happens

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When First Coast Integrative Medicine opened in 2019, I was looking for magic.  Running a practice for 3 ½ years was exhilarating, challenging, exhausting, fulfilling, and emptying all at once.  And then COVID happened.  People began to question the foundations of science upon which I was trained and believed.  The functional medicine paradigm felt like ...

Me and the Long Haul

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I consider myself a COVID long-hauler. “Aren’t we all?” you might ask. Of course, the answer to that is yes. We have all been through isolation for a year, and now, re-entry (which I’m finding is harder for me, but that’s another story altogether). The last half of my long-haul with this pandemic is ...

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