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What is integrative medicine? Medical professional explains

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“We’re answering your questions about integrative medicine with help from Nurse Practitioner of Integrative Medicine Megan Weigel.”

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Listen to Megan’s Podcast Series, “What If You Fly?”


1: Oh My Darling, But What if You Fly?

Several years ago, Dr. Megan Weigel, nurse practitioner, read the quote by Erin Hanson, “What if I fall? Oh my darling, but what if you fly?” She took it to heart after years of being afraid to fall. Megan took the leap and made the decision to leave the safety of her respected career in conventional medicine and start her own Integrative Medicine practice in early 2019. After she did this, people started contacting her to ask how she was able to do something “so brave.” This podcast provides the platform to tell stories of acts that cause people to lie outside the normal of personal or professional culture, things that are sometimes called brave or courageous; the platform to tell stories that lead people to bigger and more fulfilling places in which truth, heart, and treasure can be shared. Dr. Weigel will introduce you to people who are exemplifying the words of St. Catherine of Siena, “Be who God meant your to be, and you will set the world on fire”, inspiring to you create a new story for yourself, your family, your health, or your professional life.

2: Our Greatest Fear

In the second episode of what if you fly, Dr. Megan Weigel talks about our greatest fears, elements of risk, and manifesting the life you imagined…with patience and ease. It’s all a work in progress, and the key is to keep the joy along the way! The prescription for this week is: what are you going to pack in your suitcase to support you on your journey?

3: Be the Candle

In this third episode, I offer you an interview with my dear friend, Ron Jackenthal of Park City, Utah. Ron’s son, Sam, died at the age of 16 while training in Australia as a top-ranked US Junior Freestyle Skier. Sam understood at a very young age what it felt like to fly. His life was large and full of joy and generosity. The root of the story in this interview, however, is not Sam. Rather, it is about a father who is redefining himself while he walks in healing. Daily, he is reminded to discard the baggage that holds him down in exchange for what sends him forward. He continues sharing the example of Sam’s life through the foundation, Live Like Sam, where delivering support and education to young athletes to help them succeed on and off their field of sport is the mission. I stand in gratitude to Ron for sharing his time, heart, and courage in this emotional interview. Edith Wharton said, “There are two ways of spreading the light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” On his walk, like his son Sam was, Ron is the candle.

4: The Wonder Woman of Cannabis Medicine

Meet Annabelle Manalo, PhD: mother, wife, cellular biologist, truth teller, entrepreneur, author, basketball player, and all around superhero. Dr. Manalo created a CBD oil in response to her infant son’s medical condition after finding that top brands lacked quality and consistency. She and I agree that CBD and cannabis medicine are the “wild wild west”, and is now a sought after consultant about the importance of cannabis research. “As a scientist, I believe in data, not just opinions….It bothers me that so many people are trying something that is not being researched properly.” Check out our interview and put some fresh perspective on your views of the use of CBD and medical cannabis.

5: Starting to Get it Right

When a couple of perfectly imperfect girls get together for some conversation, you’d better be ready for some messy truth. I felt a kindred spirit with Kacie Main, author of “I Gave Up Men For Lent” and so will you. When you can give up guilt for kindness, connection, lessons, and purpose…well, you will start to get it right. I hope you enjoy this episode and meet it with an open heart.

6: COVID-19: Staying Healthy, Well and Without Panic

Here is the audio version of a presentation I felt was necessary given the emails, texts, and calls I received yesterday. I hope you find it helpful. The content may change in a few days depending on community spread, so please be aware of that. Video with slides is also up on Vimeo:

7: So You Want to be a Holistic Nurse

Let’s call this Season 2 because, well, it’s been a pandemic since I’ve done one of these! And while this episode has an atypical intended audience (nurses, NPs), it might suit more people than I think. So, what’s it about? Well, in the last quarter of the pandemic, I had almost 2 handfuls of nurses and NPs reach out to me as a resource for either finding a job in holistic nursing or starting an educational path in holistic nursing or integrative medicine. I scheduled phone calls, Zoom meetings, and masked/distanced office meetings. I know there are more people out there, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about my path, including the “I wish I had…” part, and provide some resources to those of you who need them. Think of this as some advice for first steps for starting on this path. If you’re not in the intended audience and you decide to listen…well, the whole point is that you be inspired to take a leap!

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