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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Are you doing all the things to lose weight but still experiencing a stuck scale, or bloating? Are you having a hard time getting started?

Losing weight is HARD. You may seek comfort from food or have an eating disordered history (like me). Maybe you don’t have family support, or decades of yo-yo dieting has slowed your metabolism to a crawl. Maybe you are perimenopausal or andropausal and hormone changes are holding you back.

In my opinion, the semaglutide craze is, well, crazy for the average person who wants to lose a little weight. This class of medications is meant for diabetics and people who need a long-term weight solution (those who are obese with BMI>30 or those who are overweight with BMI>27 and weight-related medical problems). I’ll save the rest of my opinion and refer you to the FDA’s warnings.

Majik may be a solution for you and here’s why:

  • Most weight loss formulas speed up metabolic rate, but the naturally occurring ingredients in this affect whole metabolic health and balance each other
  • The effects improve satiety (sense of fullness) and use of insulin for better blood sugar control
  • Majik has plants with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial (think bad gut v. good gut) effects
  • In my opinion, OAE and berberine are the gamechangers in metabolic health in people of (peri)menopause and middle age
  • You will (and should!) still eat. Your body will use the food better
  • You can stop when you’ve lost weight and continue healthy behaviors

Majik is not an herbal semaglutide. It is a sensible weight loss solution for healthy people without heart or liver conditions that contains natural ingredients.  It does not treat diabetes and does not have an FDA indication. Results vary, and a plant-based, whole foods diet and exercise are recommended for healthy weight loss. Always talk to your healthcare provider before starting supplements because of the potential for disease- or drug interactions.