Services and Fees

Below are a list of services and fees.

Functional Neurology

Membership Neurological Services

Membership – $150/month

A person who is interested in more frequent contact with their health care provider and is on a structured plan for neurological care and wellness is appropriate for this level of care.

  • Convenient access to Dr. Weigel via text/email/phone

  • Visits available in person, via phone, or video chat + up to 3 free home visits (local patients)*

  • Test results delivered at your convenience

  • Priority scheduling

  • Discount on HeartMath, acupressure, and NET (included in visit cost)

  • Free form completion

  • Prescriptions, lab and imaging orders, referrals to specialists as necessary**

  • Prior authorizations for testing and referrals completed quickly

  • 35% discount on supplements available on Fullscript*** and free B12 injections

  • Coordination of care with other providers

*Membership fee of $150/month does not include visits.  An additional fee of $39 will be charged for each in-office or virtual visit (medical, acupressure, NET, HeartMath).

**Wholesale + shipping cost of supplements, limited to supplements on Fullscript. If supplement not carried in office, no additional mark-up. Does not apply to Masaya CBD.

***Prescription medication, lab orders, imaging orders, and referrals to specialists are only available to members.

Services for Integrative and Functional Medicine

A La Carte Services

Consultation ($439):

  • Comprehensive health and wellness history, including family and social history
  • Nutrition history
  • Exposure history (toxins, antibiotics, medications)
  • Review of current and past medications and supplements
  • Spiritual, mindfulness, and exercise inventories
  • Physical exam, including detailed neurological exam
  • Discussion of options for integrative therapies
  • Vitality Plan based on initial assessment to set you off on the right foot

  • Suggestions for labs, imaging, other testing, and/or referrals to specialists thought to be medically necessary based on clinical judgement

  • Vitality Plan may include recommendations and referrals for Complementary and Alternative Therapies that have evidence for aiding your symptoms or condition. These therapies may include:

    • Vitamins, supplements, botanical therapies
    • HeartMath Biofeedback
    • Aromatherapy
    • Acupressure
    • Ayurveda
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Nutritionist
    • Psychotherapy or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, MBSR
    • Chiropractic care
    • Massage therapy
    • Energy medicine
  • Vitality Plan may include recommendations for laboratory evaluations to assess for abnormalities that affect your body’s ability to function at an optimum level, including how it processes certain medications
  • An electronic version of your plan that can be sent to your primary care provider, as well as other specialists you choose

Follow-up Appointments ($199)

  • As needed to reinforce goals and document progress and symptom resolution
  • Subsequent visits may be scheduled virtually if deemed necessary and appropriate

Multiple Sclerosis Consultative Nursing Services ($229)

  • Education about the disease process, disease-modifying therapy, and symptom management in a setting without the time constraints of conventional medicine. Did you leave an appointment with an unanswered list of questions because there was not enough time? Dr. Weigel is here to help with her MS nursing expertise.
HeartMath services

HeartMath® Services

Email for rates

HeartMath® is a researched-based practice of heart-rhythm-coherence and biofeedback technology that helps people learn to reduce stress and anxiety, improve health, vitality, cognitive flexibility, learning, performance and quality of life. It reinforces the power of the connection between the brain and the heart, and by teaching you to create a positive expectation as your emotional default, you create a better experience for yourself and for those around you.

Holistic Medicine services

Soul Lightening Acupressure®

Email for rates

Soul Lightening Acupressure® uses specific combinations of acupoints in order to release restrictions and restore the free flow of energy movement within the body. It can be used for a specific problem, such as back pain or headache, or to help you access your own healing wisdom about your health concerns.

FCIM does not accept insurance. FCIM does accept HSA/FSA cards for payment.
Dr. Weigel does not provide primary care, she offers a specialty service to augment your medical care.
She can refer you to an appropriate primary care practice or specialist if needed.